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  AC Buddhist in 02/18/2009      
  Pictures of ESL class for adults in 08/2006      
  Lecture at Bellarmine University      
  Masters recite Bhikshu precepts in 10/2006      
  Vietnamese class birthday cake in 2006      
  Buddhist class for children      
  Buddhist Disciples      
  Pictures of Chicago Buddhists in 2006      
  Pictures of children meditation in 2006      
  Summer Camp for Children at Our Monastery Summer 2010      
  Pictures at Buddha Blessed Temple      
  Pictures at Dallas Buddhist Camp in 2006      
  Pictures of Outdoor Lecture in Dallas in 2006      
  Forest Park High School 2008      
  General pictures      
  Lay Bodhisattva Precepts Acceptance 12/2008      
  Houston Buddhist Camp 08/2005      
  Monasteric Inter-Religious Dialogue in 10/2006      
  Vesak-Day (Buddha Birthday Celebration) in May 2009      
  Ullambana 09/02/2006      
  Ullambana 09/2009      
  Meditation Class 2010      
  Master Thich Hang Dat Spoke with middle school students at a Catholic church in 09/2006      
  Pictures of Mid-Autumn for children in 2006      
  Pictures of the Monks at our Monastery 01/2007      
  2008 Lunar New Year Celebration at Buddha Blessed Temple on 02/2008      
  Rev. Thich Hang Dat, His Teacher, His Holiness Dalai Lama      
  Rev. Thich Hang Dat and other Venerable Masters at the Youth Summer Camp 2005      
  Rev. Thich Hang Dat Spoke at Catholic Church September 2006      
  2010 Lunar New Year Celebration in New Jersey      
  Winter Retreat in 01/2007      
  Master Thich Hang Dat lectured at University of Louisville in 2006      
  Vesak-Day (Vaisakha) Pictures at our Monastery 06/2007      
  Vietnamese Classes      
  Master Thich Hang Dat held a wedding ceremony in 01/2007      
  Winter Retreat in January 2006